The Ledge Beyond The Edge

by DarkoTheSuper

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There's a ledge beyond the edge.
MC - Darko
Beats - Madlib


released 20 April 2012



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Track Name: The Edge
angst hasnt paid off, quit my day job, got laid off, went a-wall, may fall, if she kicks my crouch again, bout to paint the ground fucking red, cos i cant play like buckethead, ill probly suck at death, everything the voices once said came true, and now i aim to, take the great dive, i fucking hate life , and hope i cant fly, cos we all have wings but some of us dont know why, someone would commit suicide, its hard to live through life, on the other side, looking in with ugly eyes, why must I try, loves benign, i gotta lust for dying, and im done trying, if I cant have her im worthless, no service for the shirtless soul, unless he got perfect gold, eversince the earth was mold, nervous and cold, i wish kurt was old, still singing god is gay, in this modern day, of the oddest pain, i escape reality of the maze, and come out unscathed, up on sugar mountain with the colored balloons, took her for doubting the mother of truth, take a leap of faith off the face of the world, for the great keys to the gates made of pearls, find out if its all in my head, or if im already dead, i gotta stop thinking thoughts are the enemy, and pray im not dreaming lost in this entity, the manipulated living, a pulsating prison, i wouldnt miss me, caught in infinity, one step to freedom, bust head bleeding, im leaving, you have every reason, why would you give any fuck, drunken pussy get the confetti and stuff, and dont fucking push me im ready to jump
Track Name: Should've Took The Blue Pill
randy the goat man, strangers with candy hoe dance, robot chicken Alex DeLarge, know whats hidden in the perplexed jar, that your parents sleep in, a cheap grin, from under the bed, thunder pedal, gun to your head, some are born to sing the blues, others to murder their family and make the news, a brain washed soul, atleast your name got known, couldnt take the clones pushing logos, products flying off the shelf, branded the mind soap hope they die and go to hell, shoulda took the blue pill, left the truth sealed, got a screw loose still, quick to whip up a script like the Wachowskis brothers, about the others, here to controll you, out for change like neo at the phone booth, will against fear, the villanous cheer, if not in real life its still in your ear, its like that y'all
im afraid of change what the fuck is 50 cent, shit dont make sense, pitchin tents for what was heaven sent, hell bent, went left lost em on this chase, couldnt keep pace of the rat race, stuck in last place, get the gas face base head, whys your face red, who laced it, man dont waste it, case closed, make no assumptions, bluffin fuckin nothings gonna stop me now, holy cow for dinner, sinner sinner cut off finger, at the morgue final score, iron doors, i am yours, zeros and ones ones, all my heros were once bums, dum dum diary, hire me fire me, too tired to sleep
Track Name: MTV Makes Me Wanna Smoke Crack
MTV makes me wanna smoke crack, fall out of a window and im never coming back, fuck rap, suck a fuck, fuck ass, and your dumb chain numb brain, in the someday whats that sound, everybody look whats goin round, they raped my friend like billy jacobs mom on that roof, now im filled with hatred armed to the tooth, walking the town like jon murdoch searching for the truth, in this dark city, heart full of pitty, dancing in the moonlight with thin lizzy, to where is my mind by the pixies, dizzy and sick from the strangers changing my memories, lost my identity, trying to get back to shell beach, running in circles till the cellz meet, i never die cos death is the cousin sleep, stay awake to the ways of the world this shit is shallow, till your head is hollow, collapsed in the shadows of tomorrow, try this trick and spin it, way out in the water see it swimming, drown the fish with hope, downed the liquid gold, wash your brain out with that television soap, lifes a cruel unfunny joke, till your just dust to smoke, and the melting clocks cloak, singin thats all folks, and shoves a car insurance ad down your throat, now go vote
Track Name: You're Tomorrow
can i borrow your tomorrow full of sorrow, flowers for your daughter playing the part of the matyr, feeling close but farther, dumb but smarter, found comfort in sadness, stayed passive in the madness, never lost his passion in the plastic, through broken glasses, licked his chapped lips, smoked and passed it, lost in the trashless streets they keep too clean for me to walk upon, found out i was the fish all along, got depressed and wrote another song, just to move along, brain washed everything we done is wrong, changed my heart to grayscale, and wondered if im gods least favorite child, the devil left me hanging when i wasnt looking hard enough, which brought me to the brink of such, told me that i think too much, bout all the tricks she pulls with lust, the false of promise of love, and nothing to trust, you dont need to push me im ready to jump
Track Name: Kill The King
hearin laughter of kids, wishing i was more like them and less like me, in life got all the stress i need, to wish to rest in peace, its a blessing in desguise they say, streching for a reason on why to pray, when the skies are grey in this maze, dazed helpless and confused, from the education blues, and the tv news thats designed to fool you, when in rome kill the king that rules you

my imaginary friends a mass murderer have you heard of her, the serpent in the apple tree passing me fatality, powdered water choking me hoplessly, the lies spoken sweet, to nearly everyone thats afraid to live, keeping me down, and say they uplift, like the ancient religion thats here to fool you, when in rome kill the king that rules you

one ring to rule em all, some king to fool em all, with the dumb bling you droolin on, its cool and all, but id rather drop more jewels then schools do, like when in rome kill the king that rules you
Track Name: Im Voting For Dukakis
Im voting for dukakis, knock em out the box rick, solid as a rock hit, cant top it, block it and mock it, for a profit coming for thier optic sockets, botched it, ah shit, whatever you do do it well, stupid is as stupid sells, in the music realm, looped it swell, for whom tolls the bell, dwell in holes of hell, give it more gold to melt, gargamel, wall to his back, eversince he saw the gat, dont fall into the trap, followed the spear, heart hollowed with fear, steer clear dear, claim he saw evil, slayed off the mall people, and came with extra hooks for them record books, used to dream of gettin signed to stones throw, then gave up hope knowing he wont though, flying free as a dead bird, told em doc please my head hearts, how many times you gonn shrink it, you could do it if you think it, witches brew here drink it, just take off from the ground first, unless you want that falling feeling and loud sounds of blood spurts
Track Name: Shameless False Prophets
load it cock it aim it, false prophets be shameless, blame it on satan, or the ages of consumers, brainless users and abusers, whos newer and cuter, fuck your future log off computer, its Darko The Super, while they vogued and striked a pose, he went rogue, never sold his soul, nor did he go gold, or triple plat, or wore jimmy hat, just busted on the tity fat, killed off the worst rappers that never heard laughter, got they ass turnt backwards, with that slurred chatter, of nothing worth the matter, blurred studio gangsters, rich frauds got they face in the mud, getting pissed on laying in the tub, like rush limbaugh, hustling songs, like there aint nothing wrong, bragging how they aint gotta ask whats it cost, put down the mic do dubstep, ya dumb mess, yellin bout how to cut the check, and never caught wreck, off the top of the head, what up tiger lilly, hip hop aint dead, pops a trend, not your friend, new shit with the blend, from he who grips the pen, or pencil in the mental den, stencil em in, lent his vent strengths for red cents, on the shiny penny, dimes we got plenty, rhymes too many
Track Name: Canned Tornado
murderlizing sucker mcs, whys everybody always fucking with me, its a phallic thing i dont know, way to cool to do the cotoneyed joe, no date for the dance what else is new, came through with the gold chain and shell toe shoes, and still aint get jumped once, just for fun stunts, took a hit of some duntz blunt, outside the uni mart asking for the cooks recipe, dont you know hooks are extra b, dont be a fool and hate on the cool cat, selling mixtapes out his school bag, kept the money in his gym socks, might think its funny but i kid not, drop and give me 20 worth of your stock, all i wish is nobody play techno on my block, told em heck no to ciroc, its the doc, nobody does it finer, top rhymer since a minor searching for moist vagina like nirvana, and blow my own mind like the punisher, sometimes feelin even hungrier, on the mic, pop be to me what dick be to dykes, and im cool like that, commercial brain wash, and they rule like that, showed up to the knife duel with a gat, feeling trapped, like the madhatter in wonderland, natural disasters plus tornado in a can, chaos