That Real Live Shit

by Darko x Khryo

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'That Real Live Shit' is a collaborative album from emcee DarkoTheSuper and French producer Khryo. It's filled with abstract sample based beats and intriguing rhymes. With its title coming from the late great J Dilla's 'Ruff Draft' Intro. 'That Real Live Shit' lives up to its name and doesn't disappoint.

DaP Station 110

DarkoTheSuper -
Khryo -


released 31 October 2012

Written by Evan 'Darko' Souza
Produced by Christopher 'Khryo' Mathurin



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Track Name: That Real Live Shit
Darko vs the mind washers/ shine blockers/ who watches the watchers/ sick and too broke for doctors what a shocker/ theyll never stuff me in a locker/ I talk in rhymes all the time like bullhorn/ don't touch the mic when he press record you've been fore warned/ hardcore porn/ did his own stunts/ spitter of the month 12 times in a row/ steal money from your moms purse and come to the show/ to hear verses from darko a heroes foe/ on beats by khryo with his weirdo flow/ get our tape from Lenny Nero at the door/ yo the super and the looper got that raw hop hip/ me with the rhymes and him with the flips/in the mix with that real live shit/ bump this in your whip with that real live shit/
Track Name: On A Whim
Thank you Jim/ spank thru kid/ pack it in now let me begin/ fistful of sin/ as they cringe/ life's fin/ dropped in the river Learn to swim/ without a paddle up shits creek like oceanic flight eight fifteen/ they talk too much about how they wrist gleam I talk too much about how my shits mean/ no triple beam dreams just nipples being squeezed for the sweet peach/ you can brag how you cold as mr freeze but that wont mean a thing when the g o d steps on the scene/ woke up in the ring as the bell went ding/ slinging rhymes like some do dimes/ should be a crime way he rips those scripts/ flips it like oranges apples to a raspberry snaple/ as I ramble on about how these rappers wack/ and next I see em I'm a put a cap in their ass/ fuck Your rappity rap/ the funky fresh is back in the flesh with avengence homes/ when in Rome/ kill the king/ steal his bling/rejoice and sing/ I'm on a whim, and I'll never win
Track Name: Keep The Lights On
I ain't afraid of the dark cos I'm the dark one son/ come get your heart undone/ in the parking lot/ I don't give a fuck if it's dark or not/ I was walking by with a Walkmen on when I walked it skipped off and on/ now I'm ballin must've played hoops all the time/ fallen in love with the loops and rhymes/ losing my mind/ listening to the pixies/ whistling Dixie/ spread love like a hippy/ while I suck on your.. Neck/ spit off the stress when life's a mess/ and I'm depressed/ feeling blessed though/ used to be the freak show/ now I'm rocking these beats yo/ the living breathing Darko/ here's a socket put a fork in it/ you morbid kids/ in dreams walking with Roy Orbison/ yeah I read your boring script/ it sucked more than sunny lane do/ fuck your money and your name too/ and your shiny suit/ I only rhyme the truth/ team in the marine blue/ it seems dreams never do come true/ it was better in my youth/ why you wearing that stupid man uniform/ grew a horn looking for a pie/ might do porn cooking for her eye/ nice try/ I'm the one who writes the song bites the thong and makes em keep their lights on all night long
Track Name: Must've Took Years
Catch real wreck/ freestyle the best deal yet/ feel this like a heel to chest/ next to nothing/ less bluffing/ don't believe the exaggeration / Ain't no such thing as Satan he's an obination of the imagination/ here to shock the nation like the emancipation proclamation/ banging my head into the wall/ remain calm/ here to shatter glass jaws/ while they put hair on your palms/ I give it yah raw/ yah see with eyes/ perceive with your mind/ throwing rocks at the sun going blind a sign of the times/

Brain dead chicken heads/ taking meds/ faking laying sick in bed/ bad and ugly/ nothing good here/ had no money/ or a place to put fear/ a flow like that must've took years
Track Name: Open Your Eyes
The world makes me wanna puke sometimes/ lady luck the girl got me losing my mind/ looped the rhymes/ dollar signs on their eyelids/ done searching for god looking for diamonds/ don't need to ask the kids if they like violence/ try 'cid and find how wonderful life is/ what I gotta do to let you know it's the nicest/ word to my side kick the mic device/ spice of life/ dark one be the brightest/ praise the sun not just some man/ who got the Devine plan/ dont believe the mind scam/ perceive with your third eye/ and leave them birds fly/ it's darko the worst guy/ leave your words tied
Track Name: Sadness Floods The Land
Finger painting with the sky where the sun don't ever shine/ sleeping in the pines with the plastic flowers that never die/ heart line after heart line/ I find it hard it's hard to find oh well whatever never mind/ decapitating their laughing face/ lacerate the mask of hate/ mad at fate/ it's a mistake filled hourglass of hope/ killed the nimrod with half a soul/ chasing my dream face down the block/ she loves me not/ the power hungry idiot became a cop/ the falling sky can't be stopped/ blew smoke and watched as the world rots/ saw it all from the view of his cot/ numbers melting off the clock/ looking past the trees yelling at god/ victims of modern age/ the machine kills rage/ can't stop the pain/ keep it locked away/ bottle it all in/ fear mongering/ feeling like a piece of shit/ as sadness floods the land/ Razor blade in my hand/ fuck the man/
Track Name: Stupid x Contagious
Sailing on a cloud/ shrink my head think I'm proud/ the dark one on the prowl/ say it loud take em down/ burn the throne wear the crown/ being chased by their frowns/ locust on my tail/ whole world seem foul/ stumble down the rabbit hole/ life so magical/ when the radicals are plausible/ scholars turned to fools/ in this twisted planted/ slanted satanic panic/ granted/ half bit from the snake/ spit it out it's not your fate/ too late/ traffic in space/ bound and gagged em/ spat the mad hymns/ off his lithium singing gene kelly/ hold the mic like there's an aching mean in his belly/ Sell yourself don't be a gluten/ fucking stuck in suspended animation of a grey expansion casting shadows over the sun for fun/ one I'm done/ scratch the serial number off the gun and toss it/ he lost it/ crank that with the devil in the pale moonlight/ dancing to the pixies/ wheres my mind/ its hard to find/ my cyanide girl/ drenched by the world/ in a whirl/ your love makes me wanna hurl/ right on my muse/ duked the men suits/ out for the truth/ sincerely the used/ I'm feeling stupid and contagious
Track Name: Loopy
feeling loopy/ crazy as Gary busy/ just shoot me/ my shapoopy tried to duke me/ life like a sundance movie/ and it's groovy/ loosely based off Rudy ray Moore on acid/ light the matches/ burn the incense/ your body on a mattress/ learn my intent/ it's savage/ so pornographic/ the things I imagine'll keep their heads ringing singing Johnny Mathis/ blinging with the cash in hand/ no more thinking I mastered the plan/ give a hand to the man who invented the camera/ funky as your hamper/ I'm amped up watching eva Angelina in hand cuffs/ I'm lance hunt/ that's amazing gun in your mouth talk silly like Gilbert Godfrey/ Willard and mice is how me and the mic be/ unsightly/ nobody writes me in this mental prison/ slave to my mind that's how I'm living / free max b free haircuts free the price of air for us/ what
Track Name: Pretty Brown Eyez
Lovey dovey/ honey bunny/ make my soul bubbly/ so lovely/ don't need no money/ just ourselves/ so swell/ kiss and go tell/ guess hope don't sell/ oh well/ sugar pie/ caught you in the rye/ talked for a while then said bye/ went to sleep dreams of you on mind/ all the time/ got me going crazy/ wishing to call you baby/ my sweet princess/ the love interest of my movie/ schooling me/ would buy you all the jewelry but it couldn't match your smile/ just don't go making me suicidal/ don't take my heart don't brake my heart don't throw it away/ Just wanna say/ your looking beautiful as usual/ met at my loneliness funeral/ fruitful love from above type/ lay and stare at you some nights/ thought I'd never know a love like this/ so easy to write this/ your the air I breath be the care I need/ see ya next time I dream/ peace

Stare into your pretty brown eyes
Gaze upon your pretty brown eyes
I see the world inside those pretty brown eyes
Track Name: Venus
Kisses from my angel/ who I pray too/ lady Jesus/tried to make do with the prelude/turned my days blue/ change who I am/ no need to pretend my one and only friend/ sweet as revenge/ notebook and a pen keep me sane/ in these painful days/ victim of modern age/ Losing my faith/ it ain't safe to stay out in the rain/ caught in the waves/ waving til I'm saved/ without the water you can't have the flame/ dazed in the maze/ let it pave the way/ in the someday what's that sound/ everybody look what's going round
Track Name: Nothing
Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses/ lawless/ it's darko and khryo with the raw shit/ it's makes me naucious/ the way souls are being bought up/ all for what/ to all rappers shut up/ I'll grip the mic and hold my nuts all I want/ now dance dunts/ lance hunt as my benefactor/ more amazing than your average actor/ you got it ass backwards like revolutionary turned back up dancer/ you could find me on your block with two glocks screaming fuck the world like 2pac/ I just don't give a rats ass/ out for the last laugh/ slamming on cats like Shaquille/ grip the microphone with a fist full of steel/ dig the real/ it's just another bomb track/ opposite of pop rap/ I keep a desert eagle cocked back in my tuxedo with my top hat/ ya can't knock that
Track Name: Heart Shaped Pancakes
Heart shaped pancakes/ loves a mystery/ choked the chicken turning japanese/ burning retina's from the tv screen/ she kissed away my misery/ pity the fool like mr t who could relate to my history of the past/ uncomfortable in class/ fasted on getting ass/ all the possibilities I didn't ask/ one day they'll all see/ fallen off your fallty dreams/ don't believe everything you breath/ it ain't all that it seems/ shotgun wedding with a stain on my shirt/ as I bleed/ I think I'm sane for what it's worth/ but sometimes i aint me/ and when I inherit the earth/ you'll be first to go/ and when I'm done caring you'll be the first to know/ fucked up in the head like Karen dreading my first show/ it's Darko the worst known/ leave ya chopped up in the dirt with my foes/ but yall know that's a bunch a snow/ we be the willy kids and you dead with the shovel/ there's no such thing as the devil/ they tricked you/ don't mean to afflict you with my issues/ I mean no harm/ just wish you could undo these cuts on my arm