Some Sort of Superhero or Something

by DarkoTheSuper

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"...It's like some sort of superhero or something."


released 20 July 2012



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Track Name: The Wack (Prod. by KoFee)
It's like that never the wack/ actual fact relax/ I'm taking it back no more mr rappity rap/ I'm packing a Mack in the back of the ac/ figuratively with stacks a wax on deck to break your necks/ like the x I be swank like sex/spike mics and ask who's next/ don't get vexed/ back on the mic it's the anti depressor/ 25 lighters on my dresser yessir/ give it to ya more nothing lesser/ on the tapes like professor/ nasty as uncle fester/ bless ya/ funky as the fumes from the dump/ feel the boom in your trunk/ its the bap no crunk/ get smacked for your lunch punk/ no love in the the city/ rhyme circles around you till your dizzy/catching wreck and getting busy/ pity the fool like mr t and give and mc a rectal hysterectomy
Track Name: The Cat Doesn't Sleep (Prod. by Cosmic Kat)
It's the pity juggler, dizzy stumbler of the others, lover from another wonder, smooth as smuckers butter, did i stutter mutter what i uttered fucker its th rap author rimbaud, with infinite glow but if you know like i know thats a bunch a snow in the frozen globe, rhyming shining diamonds blinding halos, make no assumptions, till you all tucked in, lucked out bluffing, numb feeling nothing, Sunk in my seat, playing beats, rain sleet, slain teens, lay in the street, for the giant peach, find it sweet, in the sky with the dreams, dying to be free, don't deny what you see, third eye signs, coloring outside the lines, trying to find time, never wash my mind with that television soap, give em just enuff rope to stay afloat and cope with the hope, soaked in the runny yolk, plans to run away, in the someday, have a fun stay, stolen gun to your chin, at the fin, dropped in the river learn to swim, as I float downstream, I see the beauty of it all and it feels like a dream
Track Name: The Open Sky (Prod. by KVZE)
Floating into the open sky/
Hoping I die happy/
Feeling sappy/
Sleeping in the pines/ where the sun don't ever shine/
And when I come to/ no longer confused/
Maybe today I'll say hi/
Floating into the open sky/
One day the sky's gonna open up/
And I pray that I see the light/
Free from rights and wrongs/ just songs/
As the hour glass spills/
Done deal/ no dice/
Live for the now or have no life/
Dead as zed/ brain leaking out your head/
Walk the streets like zombies/ collecting world oddities/
All alone on this dust ball/ take the dive suicides a trust fall/
Lost at sea/ never knowing what you wanna be/
It's a crazy trip to man hood/ do what you damn should/
don't be shock it's just birth/ no fear of death it's only earth/
What your worth/ price of living sky rocketed/ who pockets it/ not the kids/
Who watches the watchers/
Sick and too broke for doctors/
Born like this/ die like that/
Porn like kiss/ fry my lap/
Where am I at spiritually/
I spy no love in the city/
Chasing waterfalls feeling dizzy/
As the stars spin and this rock keeps grinning/
I'll Roll on and keep sinning/
And when I die I'll be floating into the open sky
Track Name: I Flow How I Wanna Flow, Fuck Y'all (Prod. by Cosmic Kat)
Homie don't play that/ out for pay back on the wheels of steel like sajack/ take that/ how you like me now/ watching wild style meditating on life/ watch for the sharks cos they bite/ and the bleach coming for your eye sight/ carved with the knife under your bed/ with the stacks for your head/ darko leave that wack shit dead/ Tyson wit a vocal/ it's the funk soul brother from another gutter/ sewer baby/ sweet sady/ praying for a maybe/ please save me from goin crazy/ in this wicked land/ where they stab the sick hand that feeds em/ no such thing as freedom/ when demons rein supreme/ your blood stains can't be cleaned/ fiend for a piece of the pie/ or a cheap high/ deep in the sky/ meet your demise/my cyanide girl/ suicide world/ for diamonds and pearls/ cypher with the devil and his henchmen/ living out your sentence/ swinging for the fences/ dent mics with your spent rice life's expensive/ no more weed mixed with coke I was my mouth out with soap/ watching the throne with a rifle and a scope/ I flow how I wanna flow fuck y'all/ opposite of singing kumbieya and doing trust falls
Track Name: Loogies (Prod. by C H U C H I)
I be that fat face with the fat tapes, fuck your wack taste in hiphop, i rip shop just wait till the mix drops, catching wreck with chuchi, spitting kegs a loogys, leave you in the sky with lucy, truly unrully do you duty, bump this in your hoopty, rhymes like a movie youd rent twice, bent mics when he grip em, ha stick em, another victim of society, menace to sobriety, everything you try to be, lies and deciet, let your mind be freed, gasping for air, straped to the chair life aint fair, born alone the same day that you start dying, its all meaningless stop trying, caught in the system with the plastic people, talking back to evil, with both my middle fingers up, you only live twice who gives a fuck, on downers with the system up, head on crooked, brain in the pan cooking, fled the scene with the cream, nooks and cranies, raps be nasty as granny panties out the hamper, no hype man or back up dancer, just raw stanzas, here to kill the cancer, looking to the sky for an answer, no reply too shy, dont know why, trapped in my mind of rhymes and cant find a sign, chasing the white rabbit dont panic, its all a dream floating down the stream, everythings cool, droping philosophical topics while you drool over that nonsense, rocking it from the underground, step on stage with lightning and thunder sounds, and tell the crowd to keep their hands down, leave with a frown, real horror show, used his rhymes to out smart foes, its Darko
Track Name: Gorgonite Rap (Prod. by SP▲CEM▲N)
fuck math homework im a rock microphones, this is gorganite rap for the lost and alone, the roy orbison of hop hip, live from the cock pit, on this trip ya cant drop quick, The weird kid flipped, quick to rip a script with a twist, so you can analyze how it's writ, not to make em strip, it's that real live shit, play it in your whip, dropping jewels like a bill hicks bit, revelations of a sane man, safe from the brain scam/ wait till my mental plain lands, its darko and the spaceman, in the place to burn down, with a stern frown, butane in my veins and im out to cut the junkie, with the 12 monkeys could tell im funkee, you punk mcs dont want it with me, or the space boy like heywood floyd, pat down dan aykroyd cos im paronoid, Wack rappers need to change their tampouns/ and stop singing that same damn song/ about their riches and their bitches/ ya ain't shit kid/ I be that mc pissing in your raisin brand/ full amazing man/ fuck your name brand and your headphones, darko leave your head blown, carving in your headstone, they start to many songs with uh or let's go, I got that get fresh flow, with rhymes like L on the bobbito and stretch show, the super like les in special, handing out my tapes at the record store, on this space ho binge like Dave bowman, frozen, knocked the door of the hinges, leave your world spinning off it's axis, last picked in gym classes, now I spit the mad hymns for practice, shit you cant fathom, ladies lust cool evan, put your head in a box like seven, ya and grizzly adams had a beard, ya cant rule this mad world with tears for fears
Track Name: Third Eyes (Prod. by SP▲CEM▲N)
Feel it from your ear to your heart, no feAr of the dark, it's the super like Clark, sprung a leak in the tarp, street smart pushing path mark shopping carts, their robbing minds blind, and can't see the signs, for a piece of the pie, Catch me in the rye, came to free the minds of the mentally enslaved, ready to be saved, unchain me, nicotine and gravy, lace the cage with explosives, in gods opus, any way the winds blowing, it doesn't matter to me, lookin past the debris, pardon you it's the Satan in me, past the points its taking me, praying I stay living in make believe,

decaying shackles, rotting assholes caught by the devils lasso, the plastic people got their minds on wrong, relying on songs about diamonds and thongs, the clock won't save you from gods debut, let the pain bloom, follow through, for the the hollow youth, holding the noose shouting truce, in a loop, lost in space lost the human race, couldn't keep pace, dazed in this maze with a crazed look on his face, caught in the waves, and can't be saved from the ways, that your stuck in, trusting nothing, illuminated third eye shines, keep the fate less worlds minds blind
Track Name: Sweet Cherry Pie (Prod. by Cybernetic Calisthenics)
Sweet cherry pie/ with a bullet in her eye/ got ran over on Martha drive/ and I don't know if I'll survive/ without her by my side/ Butterflies and stomach acid/ lost in her eyes but she's so plastic/ your kindness/ your body on a mattress/ I'm standing and I cant fall down/ feel the raw sound you law bound citizens/ in to sin/ till the fin/ fake grins from Satan's simpletons/ just dust in the wind/ let the sky open up/ catch the frozen sun/ not the chosen one or the chosen few/ I'm all the young dudes holding the noose/ placing roses on your painted eyelids/ try cid/ the worlds your oyster and the trash bags are your kids/ have a fit/ flipped out trapped in the maze/ confused and dazed/ in this human race/ finished last/ remove the mask/ since the face been reveled/ game got real/ trained to kill/ fear against will/ screaming build/ fuck the inventor who's gonna kill the director/ creator of the show/ meet the maker face your foe/ laced to explode/ firing a gun at my imaginary friend/ near four hundred gallons of nitroglycerin
Track Name: Hate The Old King (Prod. by Byrdversion1)
I'm amped up they put my brain in hand cuffs/ I've falling and I can't stand up its amazing like lance hunt now dance duntz/ freedom ain't free in this fucked up world/ just trying to get a nut like squirrels/ dizzy from the strangers changing my memories/ won't let me be on this crazy earth gotta get in where ya fit in/ gone fishing on a mission in the kitchen wishing kissing steel/ dig the real/ and keep your lips sealed/ thats the first rule/ or end up in the worst duel for ya life/ you only live twice/ you know your right/ roll the dice/ drown me in bleach/ freedom of speech/ hate the old king/ let the bell ring/ for whom it may toll trying to save my soul/ lacing flows/ at this pace I go/ getting paid in glow and shine/ came to blow your mind/

I'm amped up they put my brain in handcuffs/ im falling and I can't stand up/ it's amazing like lance hunt/ now dance duntz/ caught up in the system/ assisted living/ twisted pissing in the street/ earth shall inherit the meek/ I hear it in my sleep sometimes/ deep in the pines where the sun don't ever shine/ staring at the rhymes/ don't know where I slept last night/ gripping mics in my dreams/ rap fiend/ in for the love not to stack cream/ drape me in bleach/ freedom of speech/ love the old king/ let the bell ring for whom it may roll / walk the globe with pitchforks and halos/ you are what you say so/ it's not hard to outsmart the radio/ lacing flows made of gold/ getting paid in glow and shine/ darko came to blow your mind
Track Name: Blow Your Mind (Prod. by Marvin Cruz)
Ayo pass me the mic so I can get Ill, Darko on the bill with marvin bout to build, aimed for the kill, now chop that down pass it all around, the underground crown, lost and found, drowned in the sound of frowns, space bound like Vincent freeman, on the mic slaying demons, stay dreaming for freedom, don't mess with the super being, achieving new heights, vigilante in tights, roll the dice for your rights, bite the bullet, society is foolish, free yourself from that mental hell, where we dwell, trapped in cellz, it ain't hard to tell, the matrix is real, don't keep your brain concealed, learn to deal and twist an l after every meal, like dumile say, for the pay keep your hands raised in the place to be, don't believe the hyperbole, they ain't seeing we with the rhymes and beats, don't let time deplete while you whine in your seat bout the dimes you need, don't go chasing waterfalls, it'll slaughter y'all, hauling ass slowly, no jokes or lowkeys, vocally known to gets deep, it's the beat I hear it in my sleep, drifting away as I softly sway, hearing spirits singing come to me by Johnny Mathis, I think I fucked my head up listening to Madlib and acid rap, back to back, sad sack like Meredith bixby, put simply, business was risky, it's tricky to rock a rhyme that's right on time, now didn't I blow your mind like the delphonics, this that honest electronic sonic bubonic chronic
Track Name: Thank You Jim Cunningham
Stains on my shirt/ brains in the dirt/ as blood rains on the earth/ feel the pain in the verse/ mentally vent through beats/ writing for therapy/ feel it in the air I breath/ they got me scared to be myself/ scared to be in hell/ called me ugly got me afraid to smile/ god bless the child/ who can hold their own in this wicked world where stones are thrown/ yo my soul ain't for sale/ all hail ones self/ that's where the power be at/ take the poison out your veins son you don't need that/ PMA be the way to react/ shouldnt have to pay to play/ stay awake to the ways of the maze this shit is deep/ peep the shape of the streets/ i hear it in my sleep/ working hard may help you maintain/ or leave ya found slain/ down the drain/ drowned in the flames of what remains/ gone insane/ just victims of the in house drive by/ they say jump you how high/ and never ask why/ saying bye to reality/ dreaming just to live/ believing in the fallacy of staying positive/
let me get this off my chest/ with the rest of the stress in this mess/ I'm worst at what I do best and for this curse I feel depressed/ are little group has always been and always will until the end/ I fine it hard it's hard to find oh well whatever never mind