So You Think You Can Rule The World?

by DarkoTheSuper & Howling Mad

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Collaborative EP from (MC) DarkoTheSuper and (Producer) Howling Mad


released 19 June 2012

Produced by Howling Mad



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Sam Bell
prepare for the tomb as they stare from the womb, on the moon with the clones, as i try to phone home, when ya die cant bring what you own, shouldve known, from the intro to the thats all folks, i keeps it dope, me and the microphones like tyler durden and soap, building hope as the cold wind blows, howling mad, out to take rap back from the fads and bad acts that wear drag, mother earth on the rag, im sad, no sunshine in a bag, dag, its the rhymes, i hear it in my mind sometimes with reverb echos, the words are why he cant let go, with the special people soaking up fire, choking on the wire, at the final hour, life went sour, feeling powerless, as time sleeps, melting off the clock, shell shocked, as hell watches yelling from the cock pit, nothing could stop it, its a trip ya cant drop quick, drown the fish in the powdered water, found slaughtered as it pours harder, blood of a martyr, ink of a scholar, head shrinked for dollars, in the acid rain, everlasting pain, feeling drained, searching for sane found slain/ operation endgame/ killed the devil/ with bass and treble/ rebel without a cause, no law, last to live/ love crafted from a rib/ twist ending/ kiss of death mind bending/ spine tingle/ rhyme swindle/ sparklin jewels/ heart cold duel/ darko rules / watch for the banana peel/ ya know the damn deal, quick to whip up a script like taruntino, and come out the villain and the hero, feel it from your earlobe to your soul, he's a weirdo, could tell from his sheer glow, hear no good, up to trouble like them boys in the hood, keep your hearing aids on, ill be hear untill dawn, or untill my souls lifted, could get ya wig twisted, can ya dig it
Track Name: After Life
as the world spins, i try to keep a grin, just dust in the wind, with a lust for sin, listening to shimmy shimy, system down, open the pod bay doors hal, hoping god saves your child, fear vs love, its never enuff, i dont wanna be judged, searching for the keys to cuffs, till ive found freedom, condemed to be human being, his reasons for leaving, seen to much pain, to the brain, drained in this crane game, found self slain, burn down hell in flames, drown the well with rain, till im sane, one way train, head on the tracks, dead flat, doves released from the endless heart, soul raised from the dark, hendrix on the harp, sprung a leak in the tarp, dripping from the ceiling, im just a fish with no feelings, dealing, cerebelum healing with the cerium from the old souls, holding the gold scrolls, tryna play with the hands ive been dealt but sometimes i wanna fold, no hope, throw me off the burning bridge, and see if i learn to swim, all i need in this whirlwind, is me and my girlfriend, cut my ear off for love, fear all but none, as my head spun, puked blood, grew stubs, cast my wings, kill the king, let his head roll in the street, till lifes a stroll on the beach, not a soul sucking leach off the leash, seeking in the night, for a beacan of light, write songs to right my wrongs, i dont need a job, just a beat that knocks, rhyme for the props, all i got, sit back and watch as the numbers fall of the clock, without a morbid view, knowing that the after life is something to look forward to
Track Name: Don't Think About it Just Do it
Heartless nefarious schemes, be aware of your dreams, before they eat you alive, reach for the open sky, caught you in the rye, third eye shines, mind devine, find the signs, be kind rewind, know where to hide, strive for the light in sight blinding bright, at the end of the tunnel, a silent mumble, flashbacks to blowing bubbles, as they pop, turning into gun shots, freedom in the mist, see it off the cliff, get a grip, living off of fish and grass, the outcast waiting for tomorrow to be the past, hoping he'll get the last laugh, mash's revenge, sent with the pen, bleeding on the page, reading weeping as he prays to be saved, wish he had a 12 gage to go out like hemmingway, or cobain in a greenhouse, end the note with a peace out, one to the head, done with the stress, dead some say blessed, glad he left, was nothing special, playing solitare with the devil, walking on egg shells tip toing, the sidewalks in hell lit glowing, nobody knows what that brain is holding, his stains glew golden, as he spewed the poem, just keep on rowing, the shackles decayed in the ruins, clueless of this new thing, mentally escaped, awaken to reallity, the fate of fallacy, a conciousness revolution you got the right to think dont think about it just do it