I Feel Big As A Damn Mountain

by Dwarf Nebula

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Reality leaves quite a bit to the imagination, and that is where Dwarf Nebula comes in: a weirdo rapper with anxiety problems who treats each track like a therapy session. In his fantasy world, Dwarf's therapist is the one and only Doc Heller, who supplies the production for all of Dwarf's tracks. One night out on the town while passing out poison apples, Dwarf ran into a local underground emcee named DarkoTheSuper. Darko told Dwarf some of Darko's personal philosophies about choosing love over fear, and how Satan is, indeed, a bitch. Dwarf proceeded to hit Darko in the head with a brick and danced away into the Chevy Malibu Mr.Nebula had previously stolen. It was here that he wrote rhymes regarding Darko's teachings. Shortly thereafter, Dwarf Neb drove to a nearby Blockbuster. Here, he stuck the place up for a copy of "One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest." Finally, arriving home, he falls asleep watching the movie, wakes up, and that day records his debut album, "I Feel Big As a Damn Mountain."



released 12 December 2012

Produced by Doc Heller



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Track Name: Hittin' Switches
Wack emcees spit on the mic like Eva Angelina/ Dwarf be coming meaner and cleaner with the rawness you fiend for/ y'all depress me like eyore must be hung like a sea horse/ got yah peeing in yah drawers/ once he step on stage/ screaming at y'all like flava flav/ leave yah smoked like Johnny blaze/ with the flavor of quas who paved the way/ safe to say/ nebula's one of the illest/ never know what he's talking bout like Willis/ still the freshest planet hopper/ that's word to darko and my man the doctor/ heller, make the fakers shut the fuck up like penn and teller/ hey you get off my cloud and stop your doubting cos today I feel big as a damn mountain
Track Name: Groovin' On Em
Grooving on em like what the fuck you want kid/ I be the one with the tapes all dusted/ dedicated to all the girls I ever lusted/ and never got/ I'm at the spot about to rock/ so how yah like me now/ I stay up late for a while making beats save the files/ then I wake up crush the mic in my hand/ you only live twice right so who gives a damn/ I walk around town like the secret agent man/ but it's just little old me acting big/ never bummed a cancer stick/ let alone bought a pack of cigs/ stop the violence fore someone blasts yah wig/ Im at the crib bumping old school beck/ practicing PMA put them bad vibes to rest/ I gets the stress of my chest/ with a rhyme and a beat/ keep flowing till in my mind Im complete/ staying filthy and mcnasty/ plotting on schemes like dick dastardly/ so ill I get it mastered for free
Track Name: 9th Grade Love
This for all the cutie batooties with nice big booties up in the movies I lust after/ she said she don't date rappers/ I said that's cool cos I'm a true emcee/ and the way you move be making me crazy/ asked her out she said maybe/ tripped out for a while then I asked what's that mean/ she said its a no I just ain't wanna be mean/ well whatever that's your lose girl/ could've took you to dwarfs world/ had you rocking pearls with your skin all golden/ sitting by the beach sun soaking/ but I hope you have fun with that douche from sports team, could've been dwarfs queen/ but go ahead live your dreams/ no more morphine for me please/ we'll forever be fourteen in my memory banks/ all yah left me so let me give thanks/ probably laugh at me with your friends all at my expense/ while I pitch a tent in bed with you on my head/ can't wait till I get over you with a sober view, I hope that queer that your with/ breaks your heart and you jump off a cliff/ you fucking bitch/ passing me by like the pharcyde/ can't believe I thought of suicide over this ho'/ and just like Brenton wood I'm the one who knows
Track Name: It's A Stick Up
Its the dude with 22's in his shoes, you know who, we split wigs of whole crews/ true/ I'm just a broke slob with no job/ so what I'm gonna do is rob/ these rich cats on the tv/ thinking they ain't gon' see me/ always bragging bout they cars and chains/ must have no brains thinking I won't jack yah/ run up on yah and I smack yah/ pop the trunk and throw yah in it/ I'm Popeyes on hella spinach/ grinning sinning off something from the dope man/ we steal the dollars out yah wallets and make all the Ho's dance/ I keep a desert eagle cocked back in my tuxedo with my top hat/ incase yah wanna get knocked flat/ swipe the air right out of yah if you think I'm kidding/ straight from the outer limits/ bout my business/ the anti hero in the script/ mix the flips and the kicks then I save it to disc/ I'm prince on LSD about to trip/ with bill hicks in the forest/ got the munchers for some pourage/ then these players came into the scene I told em run it and juxed they jewels clean/ you know the time dun gimme that watch/ and the dope from your socks/ then I broke the hell out like the chicken pox/ successful mission doc/ if faith have twins she probably have 2 pacs/ I'm screaming on your block with two glocks/ sticking fools up I ain't bluffing/ I never asked to be born I don't owe nobody nothing/ plus I like the way your neck glistens pumpkin/ run it this a stick up
Track Name: Don't Play The Game (Feat. Carter Deems)
Dwarf and deems in the place to be/ in the streets all your friends be make believe/ I'm doing jay dee's safety dance/ word to doc heller who put the fire ants in your pants/ rant and rave/ we coming with that raw shit that yah crave/ flow for days to escape the maze/ feeling like Eyedea at blaze/ or eminem in 98 dropping acid at a rave/ ride the wave/ listening to stay away/ pay to play/ stay awake to the ways of the world it gets deeper/ step into the cypher your ass'll get Ethered/ not to deter from the subject but I gets Nuff respect with the one two mic check

You ain't really made for being out in the street
Ain't much hope for a fool like you
Cos if you play the game you will get beat...
Track Name: Jaw Breaker
Hit a bump of raw/ as I listen to Stacy lattisaw/ MC's run up and I break their jaws/ they just members of the local mall/ ain't messing with smalls aka shorty talls/ a rebel without a cause/ who got the gall/ to live to break laws/ from fall to fall spit the raw/ it's lord dwarf of course/ repping task force/ what's behind that door you'll never know/ straight from the morgue with the flow/ fresh to death kid could give out lessons/ ever since a freshman been flipping these scripts/ and since then been Finna hit a lick/ with the beats/ a freakazoid who came to destroy and rebuild/ with his street lit cryll/ you know the drill/ don't swallow the pill/ or spill the milk could end up nill before you had your fill/ still prick the body with a stick in the park/ don't be afraid of the dark/ one of these days straight to mars/ bars of steel so far ahead it's unreal/ give the jar heads something to feel/ reel to real/ now keeps yah lips sealed/ and don't make me sew em shut/ nobody thought I'd be the greatest growing up/ before every show I'm in stall wasted throwing up/
Track Name: Accept Love Over Fear
Kick something for the youngins/ darko's for the children/ and the old folks darko stay building/ filming the streets to the beat/ freak the schemes emcees we gotta eat/ there ain't peace till you ready to love/ won't find it in some drug/ eyes blood red/ he hung on every word I said/ don't let it go to your head/ cos one day well all be dead/ that's why I strive to live through music/ that some call stupid/ feeling useless/ in a society ran by machines/ hard not to think it's all a dream/ trying to kick the habit of following the white rabbit/ they gone mad practicing black magic/ trying not to panic/ sinking in quick sand raising a fist to the man/ whip up a plan to overthrow the corrupted/ dusted off the crates/ we gotta hustle these tapes and get the papes so we don't go homeless/ living hopeless/ losing focus/ the depressed poet perfecting his suicide note/ trying to stay afloat/ up shits creek without a paddle/ calling on help from mr asshole/ sitting in his castle/ judging everyone/ from fear to love/ all of the above
Track Name: Decapitated Laughing Face
It's dwarf neb/ leave a hole in your forehead/ reverse that/ I'll curse at you players worse than Marty shotenhiemer/ the naughty rhymer/ dwarf the crimestah/ ex-forty Niner/ fuck you and whoever signed yah/ mind the gap/ y'all blind in fact/ raised on swine and fat/ can't buy time/ a dance with the devil'll cost you your mind/ and your soul/ never grow old or tired/ like the vampire drenched in gasoline and fire/ your sire lied/ brain dead consumers with their buyer guides/ why'd yah have to set trip the wire guy/ now look what they done like Vim/ pointing at the one in the reagon mask like it was him/ world fill with sin to the brim/ and they play it like sims/ overflowing, no hope for the broken Trojan/ bad omens/ losing focus/ the lowest of lows/ strike a pose and vogue/ sell em back their lard with soap/ the false hope strangled and mangled your brain/ dancing in steleto shoes taking everything in vain/ making me go insane/ try to put me in chains I'll come back reincarnated as rain/ bring the pain and devastation/ as they stare lost in amazement/ disappointment on their faces, Decapitated
Track Name: Planet Hopper
MC's you don't want it with me/ y'all be living on front street/ I'll turn your brains into lunch meat/ y'all be sweet like taffy/ your raps be candy yelling that dapper dandy/ I be bumping blue randy/ fancy that/ it's the cat with nine lives and fly rhymes/ dwarf no source/the space cadet you see up on the set/ word bet/ on the loops we mad fresh/ be swank like sex/ to the bank with the checks/ hit em with the raw shit on deck/ back in the flesh/ it's the nebula live and direct/

The planet hopper funky as your gym locker/ the panty dropper/ sunny lane in a nurses costume and I'm the doctor/ shock therapy, blaring beats in a Chevy Malibu/ rolling up on pretty girls like how are you/ shake off your boots and get loose cos I got the juice/ and I got the bug/ and I got something better than love/ cut up the rug up with them fire ants in yah pants/ not the same song and dance/ still something old and dirty/ go all night long or at least till twelve thirty/ word b it's dwarf nebula on the scene/ freaking the mic piece and the beats/ like the Isley's between the sheets but this that sounds of love A to Z
Track Name: Nebula
Dwarf Neb got next/ the one with the froze neck/ bumping Joe tex/ in a jeep Cherokee/ blaring beats by doc heller/ my acapella could chop a fella to mozzerella/ then put him back together all/ while using his brain as a tether ball/ not in it for the cheddar y'all/ or the bread/ more for analyzing heads/ stop rhyming to the Feds with your drunk friends/ fuck judge dread/ living in strange days with a loop pedal/ don't choose the devil/ must be into that new metal/stacking up on water and fruity pebbles/ flexing on em/ young Frankenstein resurrected on em/y'all dead and loving it like Dracula as Leslie Nelson/ dwarf Neb give em something to feel son/ spaced out like captain rock/ I'm at the spot about to blast off/ y'all claiming to be hard but really mad soft/ I'm intergalactic like the beastie boys/ crushing all your as seen on tv toys/ you little girl/ welcome to my little world/ nebula

While you were fucking the prom queen/ I was in my room sampling soft machine/ busting ill verses over phat beats/ as I plea insanity jumping out the window with humanity
Track Name: Satan's A Bitch
Bumped into this cat from around the block he always asks if I need some rock/ I told him no cracks wack and dopes a joke/ I feel bad for his folks/ the local hobo sucking on glass dick/ always talking mad shit/ at the chicken spot trying to bum a cigarette/ last time I was ripping shop, told the bum try nickarette/ he still ain't listen yet/ the town drunk who always got something to sell/ asked him where he's from once he told me hell/ he said its fine and dandy/ every Halloween he tries to steal the kids candy/ hides in the bushes, jumps out and scares em/ and even then most people ain't caring/ it goes on like this each and every year/ I swear the bitch runs off of pure fear/ they call him lucifer satan or the devil/ heard his favorite genres pop country and heavy metal/ and of course wack rap music cos he's fucking stupid/ tries to act cool and hit the teens weed/ heard he was in a porno once talking bout the sweet peach/ but some people like me don't know what to believe/ close your eyes and see for yourself/ the he she dwells in the mind and seeks out health/ wants it destroyed till your souls null and void/ so if the devil asks you to dance tell him to fuck off/ kick him where his balls would be and go back to your dust off/ know satans a bitch and God will always love y'all
Track Name: Loving In The Name Of
She wrote I love you on my hand/ feeling like the man/ flashed a quick grin/ hope it's not a scam/ on my mind was sin ya know the plan/ life deemed grand/world in my queens hands/ please do crush it/public display of affection/ no protection on some stupid shit/ her hands on my erection yo I'm losing it/ shared my first kiss in the bedroom/ listening to lucky by blu/ next day got lucky too/ just animals in this tralfamadore zoo/ don't have a clue what I'd do with out you/ my soul mate you could never be replaced/ don't take my heart don't break my heart don't throw it away/ don't leave me broken and blue Holding the noose/ stay true/ and one day say I do/ under summers magic spell/ kiss and tell/ never make my life a living hell/ don't leave me please please me/ thought a love like this only exist on tv/ be the gretchen Ross of my Darko world/ have me singing talking bout my girl/ my mind in a whirlwind/ all I need in this life is me and my girlfriend
Track Name: Gangsta Appeal
So you wanna be hardcore, talking bout the gats that yah pack in your raps/ and how yah from where their trapped like a time lapse/ most the time yah talk slow, sometimes yah rhyme fast/ on yah wack tracks/ back to the fact that I can't feel that gangsta appeal that yah screaming maybe I'm dreaming/ or maybe you just suck/ cos tough emcees ain't really saying much/ Nuff love to the other side big up their mix/ any reprocussion dwarf Neb don't give a shit/ cos you punk emcees don't want it with me, on the m I c, it's the n e b/ and I'm coming to say there's a hundred ways I could flip these styles/ all the while keeping it raw rugged ruff and all that stuff
Track Name: Medieval On Dat Ass
Ima get midevil on that dat ass/ dropping shit like a seagul on that ass/ drop the needle hear a blast from the past/ and we back like that with the one two/ ain't fucking with my crew when we come through/ it's the fly emcee and I'm hear to say/ all you wack ass rappers better quit today/ run up I smack yah in the face/ yeah I put yah in your place/ yeah I put yah in your place/ leave all y'all dazed and confused/ take out a soloist or a group/ in 9th grade you were playing the flute/ now you a gangsta the sells drugs and shoots/ awe that's cute/ if yah ask me y'all been watching scarface too much/ best believe yah get punched with the iron fist/ y'all controlled by the micro chip in your neck/ you ain't as fresh as I/ take all they women leave the rest to fry