Buck Naked The Movie God Vs. Buddy Jesus & The Keanu Reeves Statue

by DarkoTheSuper

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Not many artists could conjure up a title such as “Buck Naked The Movie God Vs. Buddy Jesus & The Keanu Reeves Statue” but how many emcees do you know as zany as DarkoTheSuper. His latest 22-track project sports track titles of equal eccentricity and Darko’s signature delivery. mixed together with an array of eclectic samples.
If you’re after a sonic adventure of gargantuan proportion, Buck Naked The Movie God Vs. Buddy Jesus & The Keanu Reeves Statue will take you there and beyond. - Luke Davis of Sampleface


released 25 June 2014

Artwork by Darko & Kristian Hjorth Berge



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Nasal Spray (Prod. by Majestic Borage)
I used to take nasal spray to not wet the bed/ even then I had foreseen the prophecy in my head/ instead of being drained by the horde of lies/ I became The Lord of the flies/ wave bye to tomorrow/ high as the pile of sorrow/ file as miscellaneous junk/ I'm an over-zealous punk/ jealous of the funk/ drunk in the atmosphere/ mopped up half the tears and got exhausted/ lost in imagination/ praying for patience/ hope god understands my translation/ waiting for the world to come to a stop/ so I can hurl up the block I grew up on/ my Haro bike on the front lawn/ and that one song by Sum 41/ I'm in too deep but there's more to come/ I could care the least about your elitist agenda/ act like your thoughts are purity dispensers/ venture brighter/ I'm drinking apple cider out my alien shaped bottle/ philosophical models/ I don't know what it means I am merely a vessel/ digest it with your mental thinking utensils/ I once made fun of someone cos I thought he was a dork and probably not good at sports/ now I'm fat, ugly and unemployed without a college degree/ don't you wanna grow to be just like me?/

Back when I didn't have a life/ I stared at paradise but never entered till I found my center/ serenity now I am no longer afraid of the dark/ they put a feeding tube straight through my heart/ I get my daily nutrition of love/ what's your definition of drugs?/ lost at the seams I'm coming undone/ stare down the barrel of the shiny new gun/ just for the fun of the game till I'm done being sane
Track Name: Please Listen (Prod. by BLKrKRT)
Falling out the sky with that lame alibi/ I'm the same man that cried at the end of beautiful creatures/ it's not unusual to seek the love of another/ I wish my grandmother was here to watch brother bear/ I fear being scared/ I wish I was Frank in God Bless America/ prepared to die a hero/ trying to find myself like Darryl Zero/ solve the mystery men/ history tends to lie/ I'll catch my friends in the rye/ rest my head in the pines/ spread my wings and fly/ still don't know why/ I used to have to change the channel when G Baby dies/ at times I feel like Truman Burbank/ I wish I was smart as Blank-man I wish I didn't like that song bout Shabba Ranks/ I give thanks where it's due/ I thank God for letting me love you
Track Name: Woe Is Me (Prod. by Howie Wonder)
Drown my sadness with pastries/ I wish the world didn't hate me/ listening to Charles Hamilton while I play Skate 3/ talking to myself told him shut the fuck up, he said make me/ I hate toy money that's how I feel/ playboy bunny and a banana peel/ show some tity for a record deal/ jump off a bridge have some mass appeal/ cop a feeling buy my cd/ fuck ICP/ dive in the rabbit hole called Youtube/ who knew you could waste so much time on Slutload/ watching Sunny Lane touch her toes/ I'm a ticking time bomb of fury waiting to explode/ I keep it bottled up inside/ some say we all have wings to fly but most don't know why/ I'm frustrated to the point I cry/

Woe is me/ the combination made my eyes bleed/ nauseated and depressed/ masturbated till I felt regret/ I'm a gluten, stuck in this hell/ oh well, oh well

Taking all my med's so I can be a happy boy/ they pushed me in the sand and stole away my toys/ I'm just a puppet who can see the strings/ When in Rome please Kill the king/ Spill the blood in the middle of the streets/ Nobody knows the sadness that I see/ Lost in this zoo all alone/ Floating away in space I'm just a clone/ Nobody knows this sadness that I see/ Bucket of blood I can hear it in my sleep
Track Name: Fred Farkle (Prod. by Howie Wonder)
Fred Farkle on the ledge like DeMarco, the don wan/ don't count your marbles/ lit the doobie till it sparkled/ a fat sack of goodies like Saint Nick/ just for kicks, painted portraits in the sky while he gave it a kiss/ even if the record skips still flip scripts from here to ja'bip/ in the mix with that real live shit/ get a grip threw yah cd out the car window/ don't trust no Carl Winslow's/ these hate mongering pricks'll leave yah lying in a ditch if yah tagging up the bridge/ art is a crime in these old farts minds/ markers for the jewel case/ starter jacket that he stole from his school mate/ same intuition that told him spike the Kool Aid/ rule 4080: get a better role model than slim shady/ his favorite song's Rape Me by Nirvana/ sitting on 14's in the 98 Honda/ at least he ain't got a chicken head baby mama/ not yet at least/ playing beats getting faded/ I wanna be sedated/ my money's no good since I made it/ don't taste the good life, it's poisoned/ gonna kill you and yah boyfriend/ and watch yah durty pop/ as the birdies drop/ I like tasty cakes son I live hip hop/

Balling, must've played hoops everyday/ fuck falling to the maze son we trying to get paid/ lamping in the shade/ where the Eskimos play/ with that medical escape/ escape

Dated the devil, went out for a bite/ than they danced in the pale moonlight/ outta sight/ sky diving in the rain/ smoking sugar cane/ drained in the purple stains/ insane in the right ways/ wrong side of the brain/ chained to the steps/ it's all a game in yah head/ freestyle Fred/ gonna try till he's dead/ or riding with the Feds/ down that highway to a heaven-less existence/ bliss is a myth know the difference/ tripping off the realness/ feel this like a sword at yah neck/ bored to death/ writing rhymes with chalk in the street/ it's not his fault he's a freak/ don't take life too seriously/ it's a pyramid scheme/ here to defeat you mentally/ enemy of the fate/ chased down the block of stares from their weary eyes/ take a lifetime for the tears to dry/ pocket size mirrors capture your reflection/ and your fear of asking questions/ you've known nothing as clear/ alone for a thousand years/

Balling, must've played hoops everyday/ fuck falling to the maze son we trying to get paid/ lamping in the shade/ where the Eskimos play/ with that medical escape/ escape

Fred Farkle tossing marbles by the river scene/ finding happiness till his livers green/ Dimethyltryptamine make a man fiend for a dream to call his own/ everyone is lonely so at least you're not all alone/ taught me what I need to know, I'm ready for the masses/ left the show with their minds in their asses/ smashing in the oil spillage/ rebuild this devolution/ society's shooting brain wave solutions/ by my side was the mutants/ rooting for spiritual satirical miracles/ supported but never truly understand/ aborted, catching thunder in his hands/ came from a house of love/ his pain was overdubbed by the saints from above/ take a number get in line for review/ the oppression is only inside of you/ one day I'll find the moon and use it as a lamp/ don't confuse it with a tramp/ give thanks to the father/ top shot'er walking on hot lava and egg shells/ not a doctor but they meant well/ raised a super being, used to dreaming/ still working on reality/ give the fallacy a chance/ humility and how to romance/ take a stance/ be amazing like Lance Hunt/ no matter what them damn dunce say/ find one hundred ways/ turn the tragedy into a happy play/ if not tomorrow than today…
Track Name: Blender (Prod. by Gloam)
I wanna kill you with a home appliance, that I got from Kohl's/ I've been practicing defiance but that's getting drone/ I'm gonna gouge my eyes out with a spork/ I knew the president in 84 he's still a dork/ I be that mother funker with the plunger/ dropping from the roof/ cape blowing in the wind, plus my shiny gold tooth/ ten cavities but I don't give a hoot/ y'all some studio gangsta's bragging bout the cash you don't have/ jacking beats off YouTube yah should've never skipped class/ to take a drag of that headache hash, sniffing Elmer's out a bag/ wasted all that whip cream just to crash/ I'm like a fat Elvis giving out Pontiac's/ thrusting my pelvis cos the ladies seem to love that/ I think I'm the greatest rapper ever, call me Vicky V/ heavy with the jazz like Dickie Green-leaf/ y'all looking like Steve Glans-berg, eating lunch alone/ principal got me crying put my mother on the phone/ snuffed a classmate cos he said he ain't like my poem/ I don't do well with criticism/ don't tell me how to rap you pansy/ you've been dead since the credits/ you gave birth to Bambi.
Track Name: Puff Daddy (Prod. by H1987)
All up in the videos, all up in the liner notes, all up in them ad-libs, yelling in yah left ear, trying to get them samples cleared, signing them agreements, diving in the cement, refreshing that email, quit rap do retail, got myself an agent, carved my website in the pavement, keep doing you, go fuck yourself, stuck in hell, with nothing to sell, but roses and mustard gas, get low girl shake that ass, hold the rat by the tail, pray to god, check yah mail, souls for sale, put the lotion in the bucket, all hail the…oh well fuck it., head rolling in the street, popcorn spilt on the seat, defeat the purpose, leave the beat nervous, a grain of salt or a rock you’ll still sink, unless it’s about me I don’t care what you think, in the chevy with a girl who look like 96 Pink, driving drunk just stole my momma a mink, you’re looking like Finkelstein, stick a blender on yah head now I’m drinking yah mind, and it fucking tastes like shit.
Track Name: Pam Grier (Prod. by Akira Gautama)
VH1 makes me wanna drink codeine, jacking off to Pam Grier in 1983, I took Hillary for a date in like 98, we ate crepes and watched leather face, I’m heck a different, you’s an idiot like lord Jamar, it’s Darko the mother funking superstar, larger than Yao for Visa, do you understand the words coming out of your speaker? who put this sneaker in my pizza, I got some coupons autographed by Andy Milonakis, I give kids nightmares like the video for Rocket, watch this I’m Will Arnet, you still work at target, I paid the cost, I’m the rap game David Cross, I’m sand paper soft, burn down the city like the Lakers lost.

Cos yah had a bad day, taken one down, sing a sad song just to turn it around
Get up, Get a fucking job and move out
Track Name: Fake ID (Prod. by Starchild)
The flow’s so cold boy, chilling watching Old Boy, they be singing Oh Joy, Puffy in a Rolls Royce, yelling bout pro-choice, now throw up your glow toys, fresh as some Altoids, we gone make it out boy, kill it like the sound boy, Punk ain’t just some loud noise, is that your final answer? Hold me closer Tiny Dancer, my name’s Evan, I’m a Cancer, took some rhyme enhancers before I wrote this shit, I give a fuck what you think unless it’s…about the super, wild with the super, smile with the super, his style is so super, O’doyle called him a loser, but no he is the super, yes he is the super…smack the oatmeal out yah mouth, the super’s in the funking house, turn wine back to water in a drought, slaughtering their doubt, in the place to go, it’s Darko, bumping Maseo, it’s Darko, throwing H2O at Marko, you ain’t funking with the flavor, Operation: Life Savor, I don’t know none of my neighbors, I’m unemployed with no paper, like Rich Boy and all of his haters, nobody gives an arm, better yet a leg, I just wanted some veal parm, or maybe a chicken breast, fed up living stressed, can’t even get a job at UPS, I still don’t give a fuck what you think unless…it’s about the super, kill me I’m a loser, I have no friends I am the super, poor ol’ Evan Souza, no one gets his sense of humor, why? cos he’s the super!
Track Name: Baby Steps (Prod. by Style Shuts)
Baby you got what I need, but yah say I’m a negative creep, shooting up on the avenue, bragging about no one’s as sad as you, fell asleep on the slide again, I wasted all my money to hear try again, my friends live in my head I’m so happy, chasing after Harvey and I’m feeling sappy, should be reading T.S. Elliot not the wanted ads, they’re all out to make me feel so fucking bad, I’m just a useless slob, but that could all change with a stupid job…fuck that, both hands on my nut sack, finna steal a car not buy a bus pass, ruff rugged and raw, who got the gall? chasing water falls, sick a simple similes about Face Off, I pray to BasedGod y’all get laid off, but enough with the hate dawg, it’s Darko, one for the theatrics, jumping off stage into a backflip, landed in a split, mic still in hand, singing “How I Could Just Kill A Man” too much skills to pay the bills but I’m chilling fam, since back when we was throwing toys at the ceiling fan, and someone stole my Shaggy CD, I take it back to Walkman’s and baggy jeans, from the start been a raggedy teen, good for yah heart like magic beans, y’all ain’t fucking with Dark in this rapping scene…baby won’t yah come as you are, bring me pizza I’m a superstar…back on the street corner, selling tapes, it’s the beat hoarder, flipping CD’s at the comic shop, but never copped no drop, stop watching Gladiators, y’all caught the vapors, for them small potatoes, kicking major flavor in yah ear drum, love all and fear none, that’s still the motto, struck the lotto and bought a bottle with a couple bucks and a dream, down on my luck as it seems...Baby you got what I need, but yah say I’m a negative creep, shooting up on the avenue, bragging about no one’s as sad as you, fell asleep on the slide again, I wasted all my money to hear try again, my friends live in my head I’m so happy, chasing after Harvey and I’m feeling sappy, should be reading T.S. Elliot not the wanted ads, they’re all out to make me feel so fucking bad, I’m just a useless slob, but that could all change with a stupid job…fuck that bullshit, you whack bitch cool it, drooling like a baby, singing songs of sweet Sadie, back when Ashton Kutcher was playing for the Sixers, we was pouring out liquor for the lost souls, I had a pocket full of gold like Led Zeppelin, getting stoned at death’s wedding, high on life, burning nightmares down the pipe, fight for yah right to party, kill off all the DJ’s wearing Ed Hardy...baby won’t yah come as you are, bring me pizza I’m a superstar...
Track Name: Warped Tapes (Prod. by Javis Faux)
Fuck this, kill me now, where’s the exit? lost and found, as Charlie drowned, brink a tears, sharpen your spears, lend me an ear, send me your fears, it’s like some pornographic magazine, midgets and drag queens all on my TV screen, playing tangerine dreams, while they pray on the weak, where’s the Blue Raja when yah need em? stick a fork in it, I don’t believe in demons, only love, sony selling phony drugs, get your priorities straight, Harvey ain’t fake, everyone else is, maybe I’m selfish, Sega genesis and welches grape, my game just rewind, Deep Space 9 to yah grill as it shines, blow yah mind

It’s the same old hustle just give me all your glow, I got this new song wanna hear it? here it goes, flash me some titties baby, this one’s going in the VCR, I got a scarecrow in my pants, let’s get freaky in your mama’s car.

Fuck that, dude where’s your hover craft? I’m Jack’s colon, catch me rolling, in something stolen, they tried to hold me up, sadly mistaken, throw it up like a bad piece of bacon, wave yah arms like the inflatable tube man, getting famous off a soup can, what’s art to you? get off the wall start to move, up the charts, down the poles, Randy the goat man got your soul
Track Name: The Yo-Yo Ma Gang Live In New Orleans (Prod. by Kubes)
Let's get some barbecue and get busy/ chop and screw Thin Lizzy/ Mother Earth's a gypsy/ cursing out the Chevy cos it broke down on 95/ life's chocking on the cyanide/ tried to hide the sky but it's much too wide/ play Midnite Vultures girl spread your thighs/ I got you open yet? Brainstorm leave yah soaking wet/

Take the funky space shuttle down to New Orleans/ make love on the ground while the planet's at peace/ I'm floating in abyss gonna miss my seat/ shooting the shit with an amputee/ he was on the Steve Wilco show just last week/ and it goes on and on, on and on/

Ain't no thing but a chicken wing/ cardboard crown on the lizard king/ flaunting off his sickening bling/ loudly the beast sings/ sounded like a thousand bee stings/ ding ding your hot pockets done/ Brrrangadang I think I'm Tom Hanks' son/ bet your necklace could feed and clothe the bums/ you bum/ it feels so empty without me/ the bee gees and the Boltic sea/ put me on sport center I'll drink my pee/ leaked into cyber space/ they ain't sleeping on the kid I bet they're wide awake.
Track Name: Saber Tooth Tiger (Prod. by Toonorth)
Hit em with the major flavor, spartan laser take me out with the fader, life savor, saber tooth tiger, sit yah five dollar ass down, fancy clown, king of the cypher, drinking apple cider with the jive turkey’s, in the James Worthy jersey, what you trying to hide? step to me, you must be trying to die, self righteous suicide, asking who am I? but them blue skies don’t talk back, never sold smack or bought crack, tobaccos for wacko’s what the hypocrite sold us, stole creativity just to mold us, easy as stealing a tity from a baby, selling pity to the crazy, the cities here to keep yah down, gave the world to a gypsy for half a crown, a whole roasted chicken to a basehead, flipping scripts just to make bread, be Chuck D or Flava Flav as long as yah make the pay, pave the way, no need for integrity, come fund the mental weaponry, dead presidents to represent tempting me.
Track Name: Not Another Dirty Rap Song (Prod. by Eagle Powers)
Back in the day, 40oz in the grave, vow to get paid in a major way, singing them dirty rap songs at the park, took off her bra after it got dark, and them titties busted open with Hawaiian Punch, you could sign me up, living with the lions and them iron lungs, she sucked me off at the AMC, back home and I’m lacing beats, singing that baby you got what I need, she want that oowie oowie and that sticky green leaf, what am I even talking about? shut the fuck up and walk it out, don’t you know Biggie straight shitting on hoes, thought back like yeah that’s kinda gross, but what a life to lead, we got that hydra weed and that cryptoconalike, that Jay Jay dynamite, that “how you doing?” Tribbiani style, you couldn’t bust a grape in the grocery isle, listen here bobbaginoosh, you a flake and you probably won’t shoot, no no no, now put yah lighters up, from where they twist your wig for saying the Flyers suck

You should never argue with a crazy motherfucker, out for bread like jelly and the Smuckers, fuck rap I just wanna watch porno, God opens another every time that that door close
That’s what the internet told me, look at what the internet sold me, that’s what the internet told me, come over and see what the internet sold me
Track Name: The Magnificent Pizza Grease At Brad's Birthday Party (Prod. by Doc Heller)
Let’s see what I could rap about, take the mask off, pull the dagger out, the mouth of a fiend, blood lust dummy still doubting all my dreams, bout it bout it, flamboyant like a Prince outfit, only in it or the cash like Captain Beef heart, forgot yah verse and asked to restart, yah getting played like Game Cube Nintendo, blowing on that endo, in the deep fried friend zone, we put it down like ten toes, big booty hoes get with it, sipping a frosty in a blizzard, let’s walk these dogs and feed em chicken gizzards, wicked word wizardry, stuck in misery but no one visits me, nothing changed but my limp yah see, still the same pimply geek, with more schticks than Carol Burnet, all in on the worst bet, dead as Zed patching up the hole in my head, stole the bread to live another day, do as your mother say, smooth as the butter glaze, microwaved thoughts, good day sir you lost,

Like a moth to the flame, Hannibal to your brain, Darko yah know the name, bring the ruckus and the pain, while yah dab the grease off yah pizza, I’m pulling all the fly seniorita’s, dust off yah heaters, do em in with the meat cleaver, street sweeper off the meter, look at the big brain on brad, straight up your mixtape’s sad.
Track Name: Zed (Prod. by Howie Wonder)
Kill the oppressor, hang em in the street, guns banging to the beat, we some negative creeps, just trying to eat, flipping the weed sacks, chill with your feedback, clean the trash and give it to you, sipping brew, trying to get my logo on a shoe, only rapper in 96 with the flu, up in the game ain’t nothing true, I’m Darko, silly maggot who the fuck are you?, got so much soul homies always be like yo, flipping scripts like Quentin Tarantino, pockets on double stuffed burrito, Doritos, Cheetos and Frito’s, with Richie Viteritto, simple as 1 2 3 into the 4, The Super is knocking at yah door, turn that fruitcake horse shit down, you made me lose faith in this morbid town.

Drown me in you, Captain Jack you’ve really got me blue.

Suicide won’t help you, only chase away you’re dreams, calculate your fear, get me away from here and all the fiends.
Track Name: Meadow Man (Prod. by Flying Lotus)
She don’t like me cos I got a lazy eye, I gets paid every time a baby cries, my rhymes maybe lies, but I’m still shining like Paul Wall during a close up, if you just woke up, welcome to the mental hold up, I got the internets going nuts, I’m never growing up, blowing up like Hydrogen, wavy like Leviathan, a scaredy cat in the lions den, fresh out the frying pan, plungers with eyes in their hands, little Billy Pilgrim, transformation to a villain, most Illinest and we’re robbing and stealing, cold chilling, milking the game for what it’s worth, a couple lint covered candies and a stained shirt, straight up banality, Sub Zero fatality, Dick Clark is the anti-christ, like Jay in Kill List, Spoiler Alert, this is what paradise is built with, sour milk and moldy bread, hours spilt but still hold your head, the fallacy is dead, reality painted red, with your white sun dress, Rolling Stones into the river, throwing bones in the sky, the grey expansion gets bigger as we live this lie, it took a thousand years to find like Phillip J. Frye, Red Eyes verse the Super Squad, looping God Is Love, the oddest one with the million mile stare, glare on the TV, in the air if you need me, playing the bee gees, drinking blended sea weed, the end is nearly complete, at the edge of yah seat with binoculars, Doctor Octagynecologist rocking yah, Mr. Meadow Man gripping the Devil’s neck in his hand, like yah man’s bland ballad, Ray Liotta brain salad… I doubt it.
Track Name: Goo (Prod. by J Dilla)
Let's meet Goo on the avenue/ who put the glue in Johnny's shoe? And the dawg goes moo/ we need more food/ the streets sure seem rude/ toss the beat in the stew/ flossing with the monkey wrench/ spray paint it on the park bench let me know it's real/ yah know the deal/ squeal and yah get the electric eel/ brush a death like between meals/ why's yah face look teal/ feel this like yah pissing razor blades/ I'd rather listen to karaoke renditions of Paper Maid/ pockets full of tater tots, cheese and bacon/ if I got paid a lot my feet'd be aching/ it's hard labor, carrying this spartan laser/ narcs tapped my pager/ got drafted by the raiders in 86/ round the time Mike D and them start making hits/ on tour with Kurt Cobain and Bill Hicks/ then Beck changed the game/ what the heck color is the flames/ burnt down the town like the Yankees lost/ meanwhile I'm collecting all the panties tossed/ playing the steel pipe for Billy Joel/ I bang it to hell each night at every show.
Track Name: Take Me (Prod. by Flying Lotus)
Played out, way off yah radar, they doubt till I'm laying in the quasars, raw as a motherfucker word to the other man, armed with the sun above us, we’re just the son of man, Rhymesayers at Scribble Jam, fine player you be the middle man, meet me between death, why yah always gotta seemed stressed, living to see checks, that ain’t the way follow me, all that’s left in these hollow days of grief, she’d rather play in the sheets, I just wanna make a beat, that’s my creative need, astrology is horse shit, maybe I’m too morbid, but your opinions and beliefs are cute but don’t mean nothing to me, do what yah love though I’m very contradictive, down with the buttery slickness, till the day I fry I’m a wonder why we’re spinning on this earth, pre birth crisis, done feeling lifeless, what I gotta do to let you know I’m the nicest.

Take me now I wanna feel, where the birds do sing and nothing’s real
Free as the man, made of pain, with an empty heart and a bogus name,

Dark as the lime light, all cos I rhyme tight, may you find strength in these hard times, the good, the bad, the beautiful, I’ll take my usual, unsuitable for children, building on millions like the franchise player, handing out these tapes like I’m running for mayor, vigilante with the taser’s, still working at staples stacking all that paper, with a face full of craters, driving the bus I got bout 10 haters.
Track Name: Cookies & Milk (Prod. by Dr. Dundiff)
Pass the milk and don't spill it/ any time he on the bill, Darko kill it/ make you puke in yah mouth a bit/ I doubt this is a slaughter of the alphabet/ they spend more than my rent on an outfit/ that's why I fucking hate em/ a psycho like Patrick Bateman/ that's amazing, gun in yah mouth talk silly/ spark Philly/ till we meet again/ I'm leaping in/ soul searching, crate digging/ burping and weight lifting was never me, I guess I'm not too manly/ waiting for the world to catch up and understand me/ sanity is overrated/ my veins pump hatred at times/ let it all go when I'm making a rhyme/ these pagans will find I ain't changing my mind/ evolve through to the other side/ a lover but I know I have to fight/ grab the mic take me to paradise/ they heckle but I'm in my happy place/ Hyde and Jeckyl in this Masquerade/ I came to play Genesis Paper Maid/ safe to say I ain't make the grade/ crashed my hard drive from watching too much porn/ lost all my work and was torn/ crown of thorns on my cranium/ I be that half baked fat face that be slaying em/ it's now my duty to completely drain you of all your feelings/ crawling on the ceiling/ identity Evan Souza/ they'll never get his sense of humor/ treat em like a tumor/ get your rumors straight about Super the Great/

Fate up against your will/ through the thick and thin he will wait until you give yourself to him/ the killing time, unwillingly mine/

I keep the heads ringing and bopping/ singing I ain't stopping/ rocking the fresh funky beat/ like Biggie over Isley's Between the Sheets/ playing hardball with Keanu Reeves/ shooting into the sky/ just for a slice of the pie/ 3 dollars and 6 dimes/ Scooby doobie doo, I'll tell you the rest when I see you.
Track Name: How 2 Be A Cereal Spiller (Prod. by Kahsun)
The roses all been smoked and the violence got me blue/ I'm choking on my breath but how are you/ focused on the light/ you only live twice so make it worth it/ what I do to deserve this? Nervous stomach with a mind of the hunted/ philosophies turned to oddities/ obviously been hopping through the star gate too much/ who's touch turned you wicked? Mixed with the serpent's scepter/ whose faith is better? The greater or the lesser demon/ feast yah eyes on the signs and reasons/ it's that time of season/ the human beings face their reflection/ gonna break through to the greener grass/ if my future self could've seen the past/ I wouldn't fasten this mask so tightly/ studied the writing's nightly/ now it's my turn to teach/ they can never burn the sea/ fishing for a dream/ plant the magical bean/ it's a radical scene of beauty/ truly a mystical sight/ pass the pair of dice/ and roll/ just don't lose yah soul.
Track Name: Passages Malibu's Most Wanted (Prod. by Majestic Borage)
I don't have a girl, I just watch porn/
All I have is my hand and I'm getting bored/
Oh oh, Come for me, yeah
Oh oh, Comfort me, yeah
I ain't got no time/
I ain't got a job/
Another riddle and a rhyme/
I'm a fucking slob/
Oh oh, come for me, yeah
Oh oh, comfort me, yeah
Hurry up/
Don't be late/
I'm a shut in/
Who master bates/
All the time, all the time
All the time, all the time

Nauseated tummy/ microwaved mayonnaise and Doug Funny/ Lucy in the sky with Bugs Bunny/ grub money/ love from the honey/ in these ugly grungy daze/ searching to find a sunny lane out this meadow of decay/ this maze is strange/ I'm falling faster into the valley of all this laughter/ passage ways/ confused and glazed/ abusing the maze, gray expansion casting shadows over the sun/ mansion in the sky for when my daze are done/ Bill Hicks and cow dung/ otherworldly love/ drop me in the river/ stuck and stiff/ making plans with the Riddler/ to give this city a face lift/ a make shift way to get your name engraved/ these ways are engaged to darkness/ warned y'all these days are heartless/ made the grade, made the mark/ grazed by a stray at the park/ keep yah lights on, it's all yah got.