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As seasons change and love fades, few things remain like the wonderful music of MF DOOM and the beautiful words of the late great Bill Hicks. So step away from the "Assembly Line" and enjoy some "Titties & Lasers" while you do "The Mustard On Yah Pants Dance" and wish a "Happy Anniversary" to MF DOOM's "Operation: Doomsday" (The greatest Hip Hop album of all time.) 15 years since it "Kicked In The Door" on April 20th, 1999.



released 20 April 2014



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I remember when last past November when/ I lent a friend NBA Live 05 and never saw that shit again/ whip up a script with the pen I found on the ground in science class/ the type of guy to run yo' shit and make yah buy it back/ lying sack of crap artists should've never started rap/ came through with that awe snap/ fall back or get yah brain waxed by the booby trap/ dawgs tie yah to the train tracks for a Scooby snack/ blew yah back out/ collect cash and mash out/ the fast route/ passed out/ woke up at the bucket of blood/ better drugs for us nutcase lunatic devils/ several plans I'm plotting/ till my aching hands are rotten/ snot bubbles popping/ gotta watch them shy kids selling That Real Live Shit/ jumping out the window/ and you ain't no Lou Ferrigno/ it ain't easy being green/ nauseated busting out onto the scene/ your painted eyelids covered in debris/ as the leaves show red and gold/ my heart dead on the stove/ looking sharp from head to toe/ dropping darts for heads that know just how that story goes/ snatched a forty O out of an old bums glove/ grabbed the microphone and the people showed me love/ die for the funk/ dive in the cut/ live from the jump/ slumped in the gut of the beast/ what a beat!/ feast on the mind/ breakfast with no swine/ and I didn't have to use my AK or a 9/ rhymes of steel/ dig the real/ do as you feel/ let it go off the cliff like the banana peel, behind the wheel/ never catch me slipping/ in the jeep Cherokee bumping big pimping/ flipping scripts like David Fincher/ ever since he was dropped in the river/ figured they'd dance with the devil cos he's doing the stanky leg/ crank that jack ass let it all go to the head/ wig twisting season greetings!/ where some could get they're wig twisted back with no reasoning/ easing in with the get fresh flow/ got a scarecrow in my jeans/ following the 6 foot rabbit in my dreams/ bound to go down top 3 as I, myself and me/ the sicko psychitzo/ pick his nose and rub it on the mic/ you don't go next homie hold tight/ some would trade they're soul for your type of life/ but you still complain, don't realize it's all in your brain/ it's now my duty to completely drain you/ from a sane view/ it's a shame you've never gone crazy/ pushing up daisies telling God fuck you, pay me/ but it's still all love/ twisted wigs for a fig from the dove/ living off a crumbs/ sipping till numb/ my wings are now stubs/ inhale the ale/ got beats for sale/ ever try selling water to a whale?/ better yet through email?/ facing evil like Tucker and Dale/ these fuckers are foul/another absurd tale from Darko the third rail
Shoot me in the head, till I’m stupid and I’m dead, fed my bones to the doggies, all alone in the lobby, I’m a walking armed robbery, with a heartless chest, staring from afar with a marksman’s breath, caress her body, undress to the shotty, one eye open, choking on the powdered water, sorry it’s out of order, stuff your quarter in my brain cells, don’t believe anything that dame sells, my names well being, I doubt we ever met, that’s the one thing I regret, a small fry for your tall thighs, mall rat with the baseball bat, I’d steal bubblegum for you, and on the bench we would chew, hold hands and shoot the shit out the moon, chasing her reflection out the spoon, reading captain underpants with you, how do you do? how do you lose your mind? and yet use it to find yourself, she’s heaven disguised as hell, my dreams still deny that the sky ever fell, master of the parallel universe, just the type of monster you deserve, I'll survive through the words of my idols, my art and collection of vinyls
She cracked open my skull like a cocoanut, Life is so dull and I don’t know what, who why how or when, befriend the devil in the sky, shooting at my plastic eye, crying deafening screams of fear, stabbing at the metal plate, your love is weird,

Bake me a pie with all the greed, let out a sigh of grief, my mind gently weeps in the garden of my ancestry, paint beliefs in the golden tree, bull shit in a china shop, I’d try a lot harder if I wasn’t so dense, I’m the home school dodgeball champ, playing sewy with the moon, take a chance in the temple of DOOM, my dreams are warped, I’m a last resort, playing pro skater, Muska beats must of caught the vapors, titties and lasers, give me a deal, come on Bob Barker spin that wheel, Drew Carrie cast as the Man of Steel, I’m like Marky Mark but with more sex appeal, sing a bunch of nonsense, let it out of my soul, when the deck deals yah lemons, paint that shit gold
I can’t ease up, they want my mind. Don’t freeze up on the assembly line.

Bending time and space, erased from the data base, blast out the stratosphere, the past is near, here to rat on yah, Joe Pesci with the bat on yah, bad cop bad cop, who got the password to the pad lock, doing what the 2pac song say, then kick off my socks at the end of a long day, they keeping me oppressed, make sure I stay stressed, and dress acceptable to their product placement, can’t escape it, logo’s covering my uniform, Idaho, no you the whore, that’s what they study Voodoo for.

I can’t ease up, they want my mind. Don’t freeze up on the assembly line.

Multiple spies, caught up in lies, hawking diet coke, the riot awoke, they want your third eye choked out, don’t doubt your government, know who your fucking with, numb skulls still sucking on the tit, comparing bucket lists, fuck this shit, I’m moving to mars, shooting the stars
(Bito Sureiya)
Emcees grab the mic don't kno what to I duel wield shures and concur that I'm rushing you
The black swords man style cause more than a ruck or 2 fuck it dude bust thru the fucking speed force to dust platoons
a cosmic nigga prince with a 9 point crown
All 4 arms of the double god body hold the universe down
The right arms steel comes with built in round but still wave it shows to hype up crowd
Despite my freakish villain activity
Bito simply a master swordsman so you can not step to me
A Moore from the land where the ore and the ingots rot cause niggaz got jobs and they try to Learn to rock the pot
But sureiya thas hot nah nigga if the johns come knock my left hand fold time and I step thru the plot
Drop 5 on the dot NASA got my back firing at ock the nigga not Indian thas dots from the glock
Darko we cause terror boy we bout to shake the spot

Y’all ain’t fucking with Darko, that’s word to the Sandman like Flint Marko, y’all ruled by the bar code and smart phone, Mom of Futurama, powerful impact, boom from the bomber, Funk Flex with that new DJ Drama, I’m like Zach Galifinakis vs President Obama, who cares? when the elevator’s broke I do stairs, name another rhymer with my kind of mind yah…hard pressed, regardless, start shit stopper be a smart shopper, and buy the indie label’s beanie, bet it even comes with a CD, plus it’s on sale, we’ll even throw in some stickers with your mail, all out of ale, took a ride to the store bumping KAIL, it’s just yah everyday Darko the Super, playing Life the Board game, Evan Souza makes love to the Mic no foreplay.
Snap crackle round, warm as the sample sound, your love is endless, infinite like the ending groove, requests of friendship is what I'm sending you, beautiful lust driven, nothing sickens as much as the nauseated crush, busting out the jeans, write it down till I figure out what it all means, fiend for the push, as my eyes gush out they’re sockets, I’ll give you the world plus the contents of my pockets, give you the matching locket with my picture, your sweat is my elixir, stolen thoughts from the sane, reaching into the drain, grab my hand, take me back to land, feel my feet on the floor, run to the lord say give me some more, pour me another half full glass, on the sweeter side of the grass, I’ll clean off the trash and give it to you, welcome to the new sexy suicide juice, truth be told are youth was sold, on this pursuit to achieve it, I hope it brings you joy when you read this.
Track Name: SUN BEAMS
The abyss is bliss, micro chip in the cranium, painting em beautifully, who’s the bully? Who’s the sane man relentless like William Melvin? Still in seldom belief, talk ain’t as cheap coming from a Queen’s mouth, like the court jester asking me to free style, meanwhile, the plans got foiled, the soil spoiled, a royal pain to rule, Captain Jack in the swimming pool, and I guess I won’t be going back to duel anymore, poured the millennium aged wine, bindings of the book, won’t find it in a spine of a crook, keep yah eye on the signs, shine through the mind of the swine, love ain’t a crime, that’s a dumb way to fry, time of the heart, trying my hardest, guardian of the fallacy, Alice in reality.

Effect of the butterflies let the summer skies tell yet another lie/ it ain't fun to die, don't ever give it a try/ catching kids in the rye/ I wanna live not just survive/ don't worry it's all a ride/ shining for a thousand/ drowning in the sea of love/ surrounded by yah needs and wants/ perceiving is believing/ the unknown is there to prepare not scare/ nobody said it wouldn't be fair/ fate written on his palms/ music can't just be for the sad sack to sing his bad songs/ black confetti rained down from the clouds that follow/ his chest is hallow/ added another notch to his hat/ the fat headed hack/ crap artists never booed off the stage/ the man who fell to earth looked confused and dazed/ humanity stuck in its ways/ jumping off the cliff again just to feel amazed...
Track Name: 1-A
Dumb all down, I be the motherfucker with the golden sound, Ole E’ brew, try my wu tang style, I be that beat maker hoarding all the files, sorta wild the way he kick it, smoke machines and midgets, on stage all for the digits, mathematics, crack addicts, chill with that static, I ain’t living lavish, writing bout the savage like William Golding, Catcher in the Rye, call me Holden, with Jennifer Anniston in The Good Girl, it’s a small world but someone rule it, keep it spinning feed it bullshit, like Jackass for a few hundred bucks, they’ll get stupid for you dumb fucks, each new year, they still on the come up, tumbling down, live from the underground, daps and pounds, rap for crowns and shiny things, every time you see em, bling bling, when in rome, murder the king, at home eating Burger King, put the game controller down, till the rainbow turns brown, my gasoline out weighs supreme, microwaved lean cuisine, wish I was cool as James Dean, but I’m just a loser, call on yah friendly neighborhood super...
Do the mustard on yah pants dance, awe damn, throw em in the washer baby, let’s get crazy up in here, it’s a new year, only a few beers left, crush em on yah forehead and…

Let that boy cook, put the mayonnaise in the microwave, how yah like that Doug Funny, take the hooker’s money, spend it all at foot locker, don’t worry I’m a good doctor, way smarter than Spock, he ain’t scaring me, hit em with the shock therapy, I’m the greatest rapper ever call me Kool A.D., thank the BasedGod, fell asleep woke up and I got 5 midgets on my TV, put a bad bitch on my Cd, maybe they’ll sell more, where’d you get this place from, the hell hole store? whom the bell tole for? don’t pass go, or collect 2 bucks, you stupid fucks, talentless pieces of shit in the magazine, quit rap be a drag queen, you’re the most boring MC I ever heard of, listen to you? shit I’d rather watch snow town murders, twice, mopping up the beer like “Fuck my life.”

Do the mustard on yah pants dance, awe damn, throw em in the washer baby, let’s get crazy up in here, it’s a new year, only a few beers left, crush em on yah forehead and…

Let that boy cook, with all the spices, what I gotta do to let you know I’m the nicest, poke the lifeless body with a stick, my hobby’s picking on you pricks, but only in my head, cos I’m phony and I’m yellow, choke the chicken when I’m mellow, blue randy, what a fellow, turning Japanese, can I have a napkin please, lift up my shirt I’m packing heat, just snap to the beat, it’s the track of the week, mackin’ the freaks, in the back of the jeep, what’s happening ‘b? let yah head nod, if not for me, do it for Cheddar Bob, Ollie the magic bum, mad cos we got opposable thumbs, smoking crack with George Clinton, he taught me all about the pimping, and how Kurt Cobain never committed suicide, but they don’t want the truth just Pimp My Ride...
It be that awkward cat with his grip on rap, Darko baby, don’t know how to react, bring it on back, dimensional gap in the sphere, time travel lapse and it broke all my gear, stuck twisted swimming in the beer, the weirdo with robotic electronic ears, crystalized tears, fuel for millenniums, rendering each facet of the gadgets, the super magical gigantic death ray, what I’m really trying to say is your set’s lame, get off the mic, do techno, for the 28 year old’s still living with their mom, watch when I release this sonic hydrogen bomb, liquid swords, too big to be ignored, Darko shifts the magnetic poles to take acid with Fatlip, the bastard with his masters in turning cities to debris, burning in the sea of green flames, make sure y’all remember the name, even if I have to say it a million times like Mike Jones, lay up in the hammock and write poems, the super got dammit, crush yah cellular phones, in the palm of his hand, stay calm and don’t call the man, to eat your way out the pickle, raining dimes and nickels, pennies from heaven, from genesis to the ending.